Principle of the game

Like all breakout games, the goal of Stonoid is to clear levels of bricks. To accomplish this, you have a paddle (or racket) and a ball. With the ball you must hit the bricks and with the paddle you must prevent the ball from falling out of the field. When you have hit a brick, sometimes a powerup falls down which you can collect with your paddle. This powerup can contain e.g. an slower ball, but also bad things like a smaller paddle. That's why you should remember the colors of the powerups and not collect all of them.

At the beginning of the game and after the ball has fallen out of the field, it sticks on the paddle and you must serve first. For that, move the paddle to a good place and throw the ball with the left mousebutton to the left and with the right one to the right.


Movement of the paddle Move the mouse horizontally
Throwing the ball left/right mousebutton
Shooting Left mousebutton (only after having collected a shooting powerup)
Tilt Spacebar (only after having waited 5 seconds since the last time)
New ball (losing a life) Tabulator
Back to main menu Escape


After collecting a powerup, a description of it appears. If you collect the same powerup twice, the effect is neutralized (except gun and life). All powerups are worth 200 points.

Powerup 1 Small paddle
Powerup 2 Big paddle
Powerup 3 "Knocker" ball (flies through bricks)
Powerup 4 Slow ball
Powerup 7 Fast ball
Powerup 5 Gun on the paddle / +20 shots
Powerup 6 Weed (triple score!!!)
Powerup 8 One life (maximum: 10)


Normal colored bricks must be hit once and the points are listed below.

There are colored bricks with a Roman number printed on them which indicates how often the brick must be hit until it is destroyed. If you hit such a brick, you get half the normal points. With the final hit, you get the full points.
For example, a blue brick with a four printed on it is worth 25 points.

brick 1 10 points
brick 2 20 points
brick 3 30 points
brick 4 40 points
brick 5 50 points
brick 6 60 points
brick 7 70 points
brick 8 80 points
brick 9 500 points (you must hit these 10 times, but you needn't destroy them to complete the level)
brick 10 Not destroyable