Windows 95, 98, ME, 2000, XP

For Windows there is a binary package that contains all necessary DLLs (SDL 1.2.4, FMOD 3.71). Besides, this package includes bitmaps, sounds, the source and this documentation. So you only have to download the ZIP-file, unzip it and run stonoid.exe. (2.7 MB)


We're already working on a Linux version. You should often look at the Stonoid homepage! If you are very impatient, you can download the source code and write your makefile on your own.

Other operating systems

If you use another OS, we're afraid we can only offer the source inclusive graphics, sounds and the documentation for download. If you have succeeded in porting the game, I'd like to have your patches, makefiles, etc. so that I can include them in the next release. Good luck! (2.3 MB)

In any case (except under Windows) you must download the following libraries if they aren't installed yet (other versions will probably work, too):

SDL (version 1.2.4, for graphics),
libjpeg (version 6b, for JPEG decompression),
libpng (version 1.2.5, for PNG decompression),
zlib (version 1.1.4, also for PNG decompression) and
FMOD (version 3.71, for playing sound).

Older versions of Stonoid

You can download older versions from the Sourceforge project page under the topic "files".